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Legacy 6 Inch Green Hair Shears Set

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Handmade from ATS-314 Japanese super-premium steel for sharp, long-lasting cutting performance.
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The Shihan Shears Legacy Green Hair Shears Set, designed for the master stylist. This set features a 6-inch Hair Cutting Scissors and a 6-inch Hair Thinning Shears, both crafted from premium Japanese ATS-314 steel. Known for its outstanding sharpness, durability, and edge retention, ATS-314 steel ensures precise cuts every time, essential for professional hairdressing.

Legacy Steel 6 Inch Hair Shears Set Features
  • High-Grade Japanese ATS-314 Steel: Ensures lasting sharpness, durability, and perfect edge retention.
  • 6-Inch Hair Cutting Scissors: Provide enhanced control and versatility for all cutting techniques.
  • 6-Inch Hair Thinning Shears: Ideal for detailed texturizing and finishing, achieving flawless results.
  • Lightweight Design: Reduces hand fatigue, enabling professionals to work at their best for longer.
  • Sophisticated Leather Case Included: Combines functionality with luxury, embodying professional craftsmanship and elegance.