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Legacy 6.8 Inch Hair Shears Set

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Handmade from ATS-314 Japanese super-premium steel for sharp, long-lasting cutting performance.
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Introducing our Legacy Hair Shears Set, precisely crafted to meet the exacting standards of the professional hairstylist. This set includes a pair of 6.8-inch Hair Cutting Scissors and 6-inch Hair Thinning Shears, each forged from the highest-grade Japanese ATS-314 steel. This choice of steel is renowned for its exceptional sharpness, enduring durability, and superior edge retention, ensuring that every cut is performed with the utmost precision, a necessity in the refined world of professional hairdressing.

The 6.8-inch Hair Cutting Scissors are expertly balanced to provide enhanced control and versatility, making them perfect for a wide array of cutting techniques. The 6-inch Hair Thinning Shears complement the cutting scissors by offering the ideal tool for detailed texturizing and finishing, ensuring a flawless look every time. The thoughtful design of these tools, focusing on lightweight construction, significantly reduces hand fatigue, enabling professionals to maintain their highest standard of work through long styling sessions.

Accompanied by a sophisticated leather case, this set not only represents the pinnacle of function but also the epitome of luxury in professional hair styling tools. For the hairstylist who demands perfection in every aspect of their craft, this Hair Shears Set is the ultimate expression of craftsmanship and elegance.

Legacy Steel 6.8 Inch Hair Shears Set Features
  • Forged from high-grade Japanese ATS-314 steel for peak sharpness and durability.
  • 6.8-Inch Hair Cutting Scissors offer superior control for intricate cutting techniques.
  • 6-Inch Hair Thinning Shears are ideal for precise texturizing and finishing touches.
  • Designed with professionals in mind, ensuring exceptional balance and reduced fatigue.